Our Mission

Our Mission

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Spark To Recovery stays true to our mission of becoming a leader in continuous quality patient care. We provide sound, science-backed clinical practice, ethical leadership, and innovative treatment to individuals with hopes of changing their lives and those affected by their chemical dependency.

We aim to become one of the most successful drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers as we firmly believe that addictions do not have to define who you are for life. We have a vision of offering individualized care that lets you transform into a happy and healthy member of society.

We work hard to ensure that our drug and alcohol treatment center allows our residents to develop greater self-awareness, build stronger relationships with loved ones, and build powerful skills that are necessary to prevent relapses. Upon completion of an addiction recovery program, we expect our residents to re-enter society with a rejuvenated mind and high confidence in believing that they can indeed maintain lifelong sobriety.

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Addiction Recover

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Programs at Spark To Recovery include medical detoxification, day-night programs, inpatient rehab, and outpatient programs. These are designed to offer rehabilitation to those who are experiencing different severity levels of substance use disorder. To facilitate effective recovery programs, individualized structures are put in place to address our residents’ physical, psychological, and emotional needs.

For residents who are not entirely ready to start therapy, we offer a medical detox program that involves 24-hour care. This provides them with a fresh start that they need to reap the full benefits of our recovery programs. Each resident will begin their journey by undergoing a comprehensive assessment upon arriving at our facility. Subsequently, they are placed on a recovery program that suits their individual needs.


Cost-Effective Drug and Alcohol Treatment

At Spark To Recovery, we make our treatment affordable while maintaining quality and effectiveness. We understand how addiction can be damaging to every aspect of your life, and that’s why we focus on offering a healing process that revives both your mind and body. Our programs are designed to lead you to a successful recovery while helping your loved ones reconnect with you. We strive to achieve this by educating them about the complex nature of addiction and identifying the triggers which may cause future relapses.

Upon successful enrollment, our team of skillful clinicians, therapists, and doctors will tend to your needs. They specialize in drug and alcohol rehab education which is critical in the development of a personalized and progressive treatment plan for you. Our team is available on-site 24/7 to offer continuous monitoring of your physical and psychological changes.

We work toward providing a supportive and comfortable atmosphere that offers hope to our residents. We have witnessed incredible recovery journeys at our treatment center and we believe every resident has the ability to achieve positive and lasting recovery outcomes.

If you find that you are struggling to cope with your addiction on your own, take the first step in reaching out for help. Get in touch with our team of addiction counselors who can help you understand how you can benefit from our addiction treatment programs. At Spark To Recovery, our team is equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to answer any doubts and questions that you may have.

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At Spark To Recovery, it is our main priority to bring about a healthy future for each of our clients by providing assistance in the cessation of their physical and psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol.

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