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Located in the safe and culturally-vibrant Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, Spark To Recovery is a fully licensed addiction treatment facility that serves individuals and their families with a continuum of care for alcohol and drug use disorders. Whether you are seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, we have got your back. Spark To Recovery is recognized for its evidence-based clinical practices and caring staff.

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Our Los Angeles addiction treatment center serves a diverse clientele, which includes college students, full-time parents, working adults, business owners, and other individuals who are struggling with drug or alcohol use disorders. So, what is the Spark To Recovery difference? To better understand how we can help patients, check out our various features and benefits.

Licensed and Accredited Addiction Recovery Center in Los Angeles

Drug and alcohol addiction are serious health conditions that need to be treated by ethical, competent, and licensed professionals. Therefore, accreditation and licensure matter. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Spark To Recovery has undergone rigorous inspections, chart audits, and onsite surveys to maintain compliance. Our addiction treatment center is committed to excellence and strives to deliver the highest standard of care to improve client outcomes.
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At Spark To Recovery, it is our main priority to bring about a healthy future for each of our clients, by providing assistance in the cessation of
their physical and psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Cleansing of the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit

Cleansing of the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit

Cleansing of the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit

Cleansing of the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit

Cleansing of the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit

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