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For many people suffering from the effects of addiction, finding help is only the first step. Often, people leave their treatment programs and are reintegrated into the communities and interactions that led toward their addictions. 

Through our Christian rehab in Los Angeles, individuals will receive specialized treatment for specific addictions as well as provide personal and spiritual growth to provide the person a lifetime of coping mechanisms and a stronger faith to maintain sobriety.

What is Christian Rehab?

Christian rehab is a therapy and treatment option for individuals that wish to integrate their Christian faith into their addiction recovery. The combination of faith-based programs in rehabilitating the patient has proven to assist thousands of patients with opioid addiction disorders. 

Utilizing a combination of faith and evidence-based treatment options such as using medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for the most severe addiction disorders provides a foundation for recovery and to avoid relapse, all so that the patient can live a healthy, normal life. 

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Our Christian Rehab Program in Los Angeles

Treating the underlying causes of addiction includes cognitive-behavioral therapies and alternative therapies. Our Christian rehab centers in Los Angeles provide a faith-based approach toward recovery so patients have the tools and support to live a healthy life in recovery.

The Addiction Recovery Process

In any recovery process, there are stages that an addict must go through. With traditional recovery, there are 5 steps; precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. 

What to Expect at Our Christian Rehab Center

In our Christian Rehabilitation Center in Los Angeles, utilizing the combination of science and faith, once rehab has been initiated there are four steps toward recovery. 

  • Treatment initiation
  • Early abstinence
  • Maintaining abstinence
  • Advanced recovery

Our dedicated, caring staff will create a recovery program that aligns with your faith, treating the mind, body, soul, and spirit through a blend of proven practices and faith. In addition to understanding the desire and pull toward addiction, you can expect to participate in bible study, prayer, worship services, as well as Christian counseling to aid in your personal growth and recovery.

What to Look for in a Christian Rehab

When you are evaluating a clinic for Christian rehab in Los Angeles, you want to find one that emphasizes your needs spiritually, has a good selection of online reviews, accepts most insurance carriers and provides the specific type of rehab care you are seeking.

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The Benefits Of Christian Addiction Treatment

When a patient or individual is seeking help, the biggest priority is finding the treatment needs for the specific addiction. That being said, Christian addiction therapy provides additional benefits from traditional treatment and rehabilitation programs. 

Benefits of Christian Addiction Treatment include; 

  • Increased understanding of Christianity and the teachings of the Bible
  • Reduced likelihood of relapse
  • Lower rate of anxiety and other triggers
  • Healthy coping skills 

Signs a Person May Have a Substance Abuse or Addiction Issue

There are plenty of warning signs a person may have an addiction issue or substance abuse disorder. 

Symptoms may include problems at work, school, or with their social life. These symptoms may show up by frequent absence from school or work, withdrawn and sudden disinterest in social activities, drops in grades or declining work performance.

Changes in appearance, lack of interest in appearance, grooming or looks are another tell-tale sign. 

Other symptoms include changes in mood or behavior, lack or sleep, physical health changes such as weight gain or rapid weight loss, lack or excessive energy and motivation, unusual smells on breath or body, or red eyes, larger or smaller than usual pupils. 

Typically, some drugs tend to stay in the body longer than others creating dangerous situations for accidental overdose. The opioid half life for example, can be up to 7-days, creating a possibility for accidental drug interaction or overdose with severe health consequences. 

When to Look for Help

For sufferers of substance abuse disorders, commonly referred to as addictions, it can be hard to recognize the signs in your life. It’s important to take a hard look at your life and see if your behaviors fall under a pattern of substance abuse disorders. 

Before seeking treatment, people misunderstand that to need treatment means a person has to hit “rock bottom.”  The reality is that if a person questions if they need help with substance abuse, the answer is to some degree, yes. 

The other thing to bear in mind is that with any substance abuse disorder, the behavior of addiction is usually progressive and takes effect over time, although some drugs such as opiates can create addiction immediately in some cases.  

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If you or a loved one has experienced symptoms of substance abuse disorder and are ready to make a change, contact us today and get top-flight care for both the addiction and your spiritual body at the same time. We have a conveniently located Christian rehab in Los Angeles to assist people from all over recover and find the tools to stay in recovery.  

Christian Rehab FAQs

How can a Christian rehab program help me overcome addiction?

Through traditional rehabilitation techniques that center on accountability and discipline through prayer, Bible readings, and worship, the patient will develop a daily routine and habits that are positive and joyful. Finding Christian drug rehab in Los Angeles will help put you on a better path with more joy in your life. 

What does the Bible say about recovery from addiction?

While addiction and recovery are explicitly mentioned in the Bible, 1 Corinthians 10:13 does focus on temptations, which include addiction. For addicts, loved ones of addicts, and families of people with an addiction, the key phrase of the verse is that “...when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out…” 

What do Christians say about substance use?

In general, the lack of mention about addiction does not mean that addiction didn’t occur, but the philosophy often associated with Chrisitanity is, “love the sinner, hate the sin.” This philosophy is attributed to St. Augustine around 300 A.D. 

Coupled with Thessalonians 5: 6-8, the Bible makes clear that an “awake and sober” mind is the best pathway of spirituality. 

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