Pet Friendly Rehab in Los Angeles

Drug rehabs that allow pets understand that recovery only happens when the patient feels safe.  Pets occupy a special place in our hearts and our health.  Spark To Recovery understands the many benefits of keeping your furry friend with you on your journey to health and sobriety.  We work with our patients to create a customized recovery program, including our patients’ pets.

How Pet-Friendly Rehab Facilities Work

Pet friendly rehab in LA works like this.  You talk to the admissions team about your needs and your special, furry companion.  If your cat or dog is a good fit for our facility, we will set you up with a rehab program that keeps your pet by your side.

The bond you share with your pet will help you regulate your emotions as you progress through healing.  Rehab is challenging.  The emotional support pets give their owners is calming and centering.  That calm can mean all the difference in being able to face the work of rehab therapies and in staying on course after rehab.

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Benefits of Having Pets in Addiction Treatment

Pet friendly rehab facilities like Spark To Recovery know that there is good science to support how helpful pets can be in overcoming addiction.  Pets help their owners reduce stress and anxiety.  They prevent patients from being lonely and help them to stay physical.  Also, because lasting addiction treatment helps patients focus on developing healthy relationships, the presence of a pet to care for is a constant reminder of what a loving relationship looks like.

When you bring your pet to rehab, you take the pressure off the speed of your recovery because you do not have to worry about who will take care of your pet in your absence.  More impactfully, the physical and emotional act of caring for another living being during the rehab process can be therapeutic in and of itself.  Addiction is a selfish disease.  Anything that helps patients practice how good it feels to respectfully provide love and care is both beneficial to recovery in rehab and staying the course when rehab is done.

Animals Allowed in Our Pet-Friendly Rehab

If you are looking for pet friendly rehab in Los Angeles, we can help.  Safety is our primary concern.  That includes your safety, the safety of the other patients, and the safety of the staff.  So, in our dog friendly rehab, while a dog who has a known history of biting or attacking others would not be a good fit for our facility, dogs who are well behaved and housebroken are.  Talk to our caring staff for more information and to assess whether your pet could accompany you.

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What to Expect at Our Pet-Friendly Rehab in Los Angeles

You can expect that Spark To Recovery’s pet friendly drug rehab Los Angeles provides a consistent level of compassionate care and guidance.  You and your pet will walk side by side through the therapies, toward your goals.  In the residential treatment program, your pet will stay with you, just as it would at your home.

Is Pet Friendly Rehab Right For You?

If you are searching for pet friendly rehab centers near me, you are probably a person who has a loving and meaningful relationship with your pet.  At Spark To Recovery, we respect the love and healing power pets have.  Of course, your circumstances are unique.  Our staff will talk to you, to figure out the best program for you.  To learn more about our approach, check out our addiction blog topics.

Why Choose Spark To Recovery For Pet Friendly Rehab

Spark To Recovery has a high success rate because we care about our patients’ long-term ability to stop using drugs and start living healthier lives.  We offer patients the opportunity to bring their pets to rehab because the loving, caring bond between pets and their owners have been shown to help with recovery and preventing relapse.  As you search for a pet friendly drug rehab near me, make sure you look for a facility that offers a wide variety of treatments, centered around each patient’s individual needs.

Get Help at Our Pet Friendly Rehab in Los Angeles

Help for you, with your pet companion by your side, is available to you at our pet friendly rehab in Los Angeles.  Don’t wait another day to get the help you need.  We’re here to work with you and your furry friend towards a better life.

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