Women's Rehab Centers in Los Angeles

Alcohol and substance use among women is becoming an ever-increasing, more prevalent, and disturbing issue.  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), almost 20 million women struggle with substance abuse in the US each year.  The CDC has also revealed that women are tipping the scales in alcohol consumption, citing that women are 2% more likely to binge drink than their male counterparts.  Moreover, an estimated 30,000 women die in the US each year due to the ravages of alcohol or drug use.  

In light of these staggering statistics, Spark To Recovery’s women’s rehab centers in Los Angeles is answering the growing outcry from women who are earnestly seeking solutions to live their lives fully without the tyranny of substances or alcohol.   If you or a loved one is struggling with drugs or alcohol, please read further about our comprehensive, life-affirming programs that are designed to help you achieve long-term recovery.

How Substance Abuse Affects Women Differently

Women are affected differently by substance abuse.  Women are just as likely as men to develop a dependence on illicit drugs.  However, women face both unique biological hurdles and social obstacles when trying to stop abusing drugs. 

Women tend to have a harder time with two of the most difficult stages of addiction.  The stages of addiction are: (1) initial use of the substance; (2) abusing the substance; (3) developing a tolerance to the substance; (4) becoming dependent on the substance; (5) becoming addicted and craving the drug; (6) trying to stop using the drug and relapsing.  Women tend to become addicted more quickly, after using smaller amounts of the substance.  They also struggle with the craving and the relapse to a much higher degree than men do, generally.

There are also qualities about women and their lives that makes rehab for women a truly specialty service.  Women’s substance abuse is often tied to domestic abuse, grief, and mental health issues.  Women’s roles as mothers and caregivers can also be complicating factors in both how women develop and overcome addiction.

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Our Women's Rehab Center in Los Angeles

If you are looking for women's rehab California, we offer the best rehab for women.  Our center takes a holistic approach, working hard with our clients to deal with the biological components of substance abuse, but also the mental and emotional aspects of overcoming addiction.  Our center is not just about eliminating the negative, it’s also about building up the positive, healthy, and wonderful parts of your life. We understand that women face their own sets of challenges to recovery and have programs that address those needs.

Types of Addictions We Treat at Spark To Recovery

Spark To Recovery treats a variety of substance abuse types.  We provide rehab for women in Los Angeles for alcohol, opioids, heroin, cocaine, and other drugs.

Women’s Rehab vs Mixed Gender Rehab

There are two major reasons to consider rehabs for women, separate from mixed gender rehabs.  The first is that single-gender rehab takes a lot of pressure off the women in treatment.  Mixing genders can insert distractions and change the dynamic of the work being done.

The second reason is that women face different challenges within their addictions and on their paths to recovery.  Rehab for women only allows the staff and groups to focus specifically on those special issues, and to not be sidetracked by issues that are more common among men.

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The Benefits of Our Women's Rehab Program

Drug addiction is a cycle.  It typically starts with profound issues that started before the substance abuse started.  Those issues often grow and compound during addiction.  When searching for rehab for women near me, look for programs that balance compassion and safety with science, like Spark To Recovery does.  Our program uses a healthy focus on understanding addiction, as well as learning about the power of honesty and respect for self and others as the means to long-term recovery.

Who Can Benefit From Women's Rehab?

Women in Southern California who struggle with substance abuse, no matter where they are in their course of their addiction, should seek help from women’s rehab centers in Los Angeles. A high-quality rehab facility, one that focuses on the whole person, is the best chance for women facing addiction to reclaim their potential and improve their relationships with the important people in their lives.  This is why Spark To Recovery offers a variety of support groups and therapy types, including those for family members, as part of their customized treatment plans.

Is Women's Rehab Right For You?

If you are a woman who has been using alcohol, prescription drugs, or other drugs in ways that are having negative consequences to your life, you should consider a women’s rehab to break the cycle before it gets worse.  It is never too late to start a new chapter of your life.  Spark To Recovery is here to help you understand what is really happening, so you can make real, lasting, healthy changes.

Why Choose Spark Recovery?

When you enter a rehab program for substance abuse treatment, part of the check-in process includes assessing you for any underlying mental illnesses or issues that might affect treatment.  

Treatment programs at Spark to Recovery include a comprehensive assessment of co-occurring mental health issues and a personalized treatment plan that takes into account any mental health disorders that can be treated simultaneously along with the substance use disorder.

Working on both substance abuse and mental health conditions at the same time also helps reduce the risk of relapse after treatment ends. Severe mental illness can cause someone to return to substance use as a coping mechanism if the initial addiction treatment didn’t also address the mental health disorder.

At Spark To Recovery, we understand that no two patients are the same. This is why we work with you to recommend a co-occurring disorders treatment catered to your specific needs and problems. Feel at peace in our safe and supportive environment knowing that you are getting the help you need.

Start your addiction recovery today by treating co-occurring disorders. Feel free to schedule a consultation with us.

Get Help at Our Women's Rehab Centers in Los Angeles

Our rehab for women in Los Angeles is ready to help.  Our compassionate and skilled staff is available to consult with you about your needs and to help you find the program best able to help you successfully overcome your challenges.  Don’t wait.  If you think you need help, reach out now.

Women's Rehab FAQs

What Is a Rehab for Women Like?

Rehab for women provides a supportive environment for women to stop abusing drugs and alcohol.  The staff provides a wide range of on-site therapies.  Some therapies, such as support groups, individual consultations, and safe spaces away from drugs and alcohol are standard, as at many rehabs.  Spark To Recovery goes beyond the standard and offers many recreational and therapeutic activities that move women away from simply stopping the substance abuse to learning how to live in a healthy way.  

Is There Drug Addiction Treatment for Mothers or Pregnant Women?

Drug addiction affects mothers differently from other people.  Did you know that how long opioids work, also known as the opioid half life, is different for pregnant women? Women who are pregnant and raising children also face stigma and socioeconomic obstacles others do not.  If you are a mother or currently pregnant and you are struggling with addiction, please contact Spark To Recovery today for more information about how we can help.

How Do I Choose The Best Rehab For Women?

For women's rehab in Los Angeles, choose a facility that focuses on health and respect.  At Spark To Recovery, we focus on women’s health as they transition their bodies away from substance dependence and also the long-term health of women’s bodies and minds as they move away from the cycle of addiction towards a healthier, happier life.

Respect is fundamental to this process.  Our staff respects the unique circumstances of each woman who comes in for treatment.  We also work with our clients to learn to respect who and where they are in life, and just as importantly, respect their own potential.

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