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Sober Living

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For a majority of patients, integrating into a sober living program after treatment makes a tremendous difference. The process shows if they will make significant progress to reach advanced milestones or they succumb to relapse. Spark To Recovery offers a great option that helps to address any concerns patients have after treatment. Continue reading to learn more about how we go about alleviating troubles faced by recovering patients.

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Understanding Sober Living

Sober living focuses on presenting patients in recovery with a monitored environment that can guide them back onto the right track of life. The level of structure offered by this program differs from what’s provided in a rehab center. However, sober living can still create a transitional sober environment where recovering patients can feel motivated to develop healthy coping skills and habits.
In a rehab center, patients are focused on going through programs that have been planned for them. They generally do not have much dependence as they rely on the guidance of counselors. Sober living enables recovering patients to feel like they are easing back to normal life. This means that they can start going back to their daily responsibilities and tasks. The sober living program is less restrictive, but there are still various rules and curfews that recovering patients need to adhere to.

Benefits of Sober Living

The main benefit of sober living is to allow recovering patients to avoid feelings of isolation when they return home during recovery. This program provides an environment that combines freedom and structure to help the patient re-adjust to life outside rehab. Recovering patients will also feel more motivated to stay sober, as sober living acts as a supplement to their recovery journey. It provides an alternative to going from an immersive care environment directly to an unguided home environment.

As sober living replicates normal daily situations, recovering patients can reduce their chances of relapse. They can then focus on several things that will aid their recovery process:

  • Making amends with family and friends who were affected by drug or alcohol abuse
  • Locating a house
  • Finding a job
  • Adjusting to sober living without guidance and structures

When Do You Need Sober Living?

Recovering patients need to undergo a sober living program after completing their rehab if they are concerned about the struggles of staying sober on their own. The most important goal that they need to strive to accomplish is to remain clean, which is possible with sober living.

What to Expect in Sober Living

The sober living program provides recovering patients with the option to increase their chances of achieving full recovery. It comprises a guided structure that can last at least 90 days or longer to allow recovering patients to integrate into normal life easily and with more confidence.

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