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What Are Alternative Therapies?

Alcohol or drug addiction can change the way a person’s brain functions over time. For example, the individual may feel that he or she needs more of a certain substance to function normally or to satisfy intense cravings. Fortunately, addiction treatment is available. In addition to traditional addiction treatment therapies, alternative therapies can also help patients enhance recovery and emerge from rehab with a new, healthier lifestyle.

Alternative Therapies in LA

What are The Common Forms of Alternative Therapy

Art Therapy in LA

Art Therapy in Los Angeles

Clients overcome negative thoughts and emotions caused by addiction through creative expression. We aim to help patients improve their sense of well-being and reduce feelings…

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Exercise Therapy in LA

Exercise Therapy in Los Angeles

Incorporating bodyweight exercises into addiction therapies can help patients regain balance and regulate brain chemistry, e.g., promoting the natural production of endorphins.

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Wellness Programs in LA

Wellness Programs in Los Angeles

By improving a patient’s health, emotional, and mental well-being, they can use their positivity and confidence to sustain long-term abstinence from substance abuse.

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Nutritional Therapy in LA

Nutritional Therapy in Los Angeles

It is important to learn how to eat well because food can influence how the brain functions. During recovery, your body should be able to…

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Meditation in LA

Meditation in Los Angeles

Meditation can help improve mental functioning, increase self-awareness, promote a sense of calm and inner peace, and enhance overall health and well-being.

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Yoga in LA

Yoga Therapy in Los Angeles

Yoga is another method to connect the mind, body, and breath to boost mind-body awareness, regulate mood, reduce stress, and boost relaxation. It is part…

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Sobar Outlinks in la

Sober Outings in Los Angeles

Moving from a medically assisted environment back to normal living can be a challenging transition. Some patients may revert back to old habits upon leaving…

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Exercise Therapy

Drug and alcohol addiction is damaging on both the mind and body. It is important that patients stay physically active during recovery; exercise therapy helps individuals improve mental clarity, increase ‘feel good’ hormones, improve self-esteem, promote relaxation, relieve depression symptoms, and reduce anxiety and stress. Patients will learn how to replace destructive behaviors with positive and healthy ones through exercise therapy.

Wellness Programs

Wellness programs for addiction treatment can help patients overcome the main addiction, substance abuse, and other co-occurring mental health disorders. By facilitating motivational discussions and interviews, therapists can encourage clients to develop a strong interest in their own recovery process. At Spark To Recovery, we use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to further enhance a client’s treatment adherence.

Art Therapy

This form of therapy allows patients to externalize their feelings through safe and non-destructive means. In addition, our therapists and patients gain insight into unconscious and/or repressed emotions. By making patients feel empowered and active, we believe that they can solve problems via their growing maturity and in a relaxed state.

Nutritional Therapy

Achieving a proper balance of nutrients is essential for maintaining a healthy body. Good health is important when it comes to recovering from substance abuse. It provides a strong foundation for recovery and reduces cravings and urges associated with drugs and alcohol. Nutrient deficiencies are one of the main causes of substance cravings. Spark To Recovery is here to help patients improve their diets while exercising regularly.


Today, mindfulness meditation is becoming increasingly common in general wellness and drug addiction treatment. This type of therapy helps synchronize the individual’s mind and body to enhance quality of life and mental well-being. At Spark To Recovery, our therapists have used meditation techniques to help patients combat symptoms of cravings, triggers, and withdrawal.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga is a health practice and a natural form of medicine. Studies have shown that it is beneficial when used with traditional addiction treatment methods. Yoga is increasingly being used throughout recovery to provide a healthy outlet for patients to cope with daily life stressors and potential triggers, reduce drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and help prevent relapses. It is important to note that drugs and alcohol can negatively affect one’s pathways related to impulse control, decision making, emotion regulation, and pleasure. When it comes to recovery, you must give the brain chemistry enough time to heal and rebuild itself. Yoga may aid the healing process.

Sober Outings

When it comes to rebuilding one’s life in addiction recovery, it often takes time to shift over to a sober lifestyle with healthy daily routines. Most patients require support and that’s why Spark To Recovery organizes an array of sober outings. The goal is to help our clients see sobriety as an opportunity for personal growth. In addition, we encourage patients to make new friends, explore new interests, and even learn new things about themselves. We want all clients to see that life in recovery can be amazing.

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