A Day In Treatment

A first-time rehab experience may be daunting for some. Even if you intend to quit addiction for good, you may still feel overwhelmed or even scared about going to rehab, as you are not sure of what to expect from the experience. Being well-informed about the activities that take place in rehab will allow you to put your mind at ease.

Interview and Assessment

Upon arriving at the rehab center, there will be staff members to greet you and brief you about the initial interview process that lets them understand your background. This is an essential process done before checking in as it allows the center to assess and customize specific rehab programs that can meet your individual needs.

Treatment and Therapy

Drug and alcohol rehab is carried out through slightly different structures. Each structure varies in intensity levels to cater to the needs of each patient. Whether you are taking part in a residential or outpatient rehab program, the core treatment programs include the following:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Educational lectures
  • Focus groups

Duration of Rehab

Throughout the entire treatment program, we will assign a main counselor to you. Your counselor will help you in identifying your goals and providing necessary guidance. The duration and pace of your treatment will depend on your current situation and clinical achievements.

For patients with more complex recovery concerns, it may require more time to address issues such as the following:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Mental health complications
  • Sober living skills

New and Improved Normal

It will be your new normal to feel uncomfortable as soon as treatment begins. As you become educated about the symptoms and impact of addiction, the majority of those uncomfortable feelings will gradually fade away. You need to focus on feeling the authenticity of your state of mind, transforming negative thoughts, and practicing stress reduction. These processes can provide a significant amount of relief which will help you make the most of your recovery and give you the skills for lifelong sobriety.


Drug and alcohol rehab aims to provide you with the help you need and to guide you in staying well and healthy while you try to accomplish full recovery. Upon discharge, your guidance team will discuss post-treatment programs that are recommended for you.

With proper post-rehab care and guidance, they can strengthen your recovery journey. A typical post-rehab plan may comprise the following programs:

  • Support groups with counselors
  • Recovery coaching

For more information about what to expect during recovery, feel free to get in touch with Spark To Recovery.

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