A Day in Treatment

Every treatment plan is different, that is why our team of experts are dedicated to designing an exclusive and unique treatment plan for each individual patient.

Nevertheless, days will follow a structured routine which the clients are expected to follow. This includes scheduled wake-up and lights out times, a mixture of group therapy and one-on-one counselling sessions, written work on the 12-Steps and other academic assignments.

Client benefits and services also include: moderate exercise sessions, art therapy, CBT and MRT therapies, designated medical programs, nutritious meal times, sober outings such as trips to the bowling alley, movies, restaurants, beach and more.

These programs are interspersed at various times during the day to ensure you are fully occupied without being too overwhelmed. For a more detailed breakdown, please request assistance from one of our addiction specialists.

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A day in a treatment

On your first day

You will be greeted with open arms as you arrive at the center for the first time.

You will be welcomed in and sat down for an initial interview and assessment. This process is crucial as it allows the center to gather information about your background and assess your individual needs.

Based on this information, the center will then design and customize a rehab program that is tailored to your specific needs.

Ensuring that you receive the most effective and efficient treatment possible. You will work with the team to create a treatment plan fit for you.

Next will be payment and insurance verification procedures.

Next you will be shown around your beautiful new residence and where you will be living. The accommodation is luxurious, only catering to an exclusive six patients per facility.

Finally, you will meet the people who are going through exactly the same struggles as you as well as the incredible staff who will be aiding you on your journey toward recovery.

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