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Adderall and Alcohol Treatment in Los Angeles

Spark to Recovery is a team of dedicated, skilled, and compassionate professionals providing comprehensive addiction treatment programs. We understand the challenges of Benadryl addiction and Alcohol addiction, with tailored programs designed specifically for the problem. Located centrally in Los Angeles, California, we have built a reputation for delivering success for our clients, not just in terms of recovery, but in maintaining that recovery into the future.

As one of the few treatment centers in California that accept most private health insurance to cover costs, we also provide a practical approach to recovery treatment too.

We know that if you are struggling with an addiction to Benadryl and alcohol, you face many challenges that affect every aspect of your life. From job performance and personal relationships to financial and health issues, addiction devastates them all. At Spark to Recovery, our goal is to minimize those issues and support you through recovery using evidence-based approaches that can dramatically reduce the risk of relapse.

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What do Adderall and Alcohol do to the body?

Adderall is a drug primarily used in the treatment of ADHD and works as a stimulant to the central nervous system. It comprises several compounds, in particular amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, which together encourage the production of dopamine and speed up brain processing. In normal use, this has the effect of helping a patient focus for longer.

However, when taken together with alcohol, there can be significant problems. While Adderall is a stimulant, Alcohol is a sedative, and this can cause imbalance within the body. Some people believe that the two cancel each other out, but this is not true. Because both include chemicals that affect the central nervous system, they compound the effects of each other.

Because Adderall masks the effects of alcohol, it can become difficult to know where the limits are, and as a result, alcohol poisoning, from ingesting too much alcohol in a short space of time, is a common occurrence.

The results can lead to severe symptoms, including:

  • Complete lack of judgment
  • Don’t notice or feel pain
  • Excessive vomiting
  • Inability to make rational decisions
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Loss of control over body movement


In addition, abuse over time can lead to persistent problems, including:

  • Anger and aggression
  • Paranoia
  • Psychosis

Is Adderall and Alcohol Addictive?

One of the ways in which the chemicals in both drugs affect the body leads to a sense of euphoria and excitement. In addition, these drugs give a sense of confidence and focus in the short term, and the mood lift associated with them. This feeling can be addictive, as it is with other drugs that provide a sense of calm and happiness, and it is apparent that taking Adderall and Alcohol together can become addictive.

How can I treat an addiction to Adderall and Alcohol?

At the core of addiction treatment practices used by Spark to Recovery is the understanding that there are no single solutions that work for everyone. We are all unique individuals and need similarly unique support to overcome any challenge. This is why our team creates tailored recovery solutions that depend on one's physical, social, familial, and environmental situations among others. By providing that custom approach, we focus on the individual’s needs, boosting the effectiveness of the program and giving the patient confidence in the process.

Our recovery specialists work with each individual, taking the time to understand each person and providing personalized care that delivers the best experience and outcomes possible. With evidence-based, therapeutic methods, we provide our solutions within a fully supportive environment, providing a holistic treatment program that fosters growth and healing for all.

Spark to Recovery Adderall and Alcohol addiction treatment includes:

If you come to us for assistance with Adderall and Alcohol addiction, we always develop a program we believe will help through our discussions with you. You are unique, and the solution to your current challenges must also be unique to deliver the care and outcomes you need and deserve. Treatments typically consist of a combination of medications and therapies, including cognitive behavior therapy as well as group and family therapy

We do not aim to simply stop you from taking Adderall and Alcohol, but to ensure that you create a state of mind that makes it unlikely you will relapse. Our programs will help you learn how to manage negative thoughts, develop healthy coping mechanisms, avoid destructive behavior, and more.

Are Adderall and Alcohol addiction treatment covered by insurance?

There’s a common misconception that substance use disorders are only prevalent in the uninsured. But thanks to our country’s healthcare programs, individuals with insurance coverage can get treatment for these illnesses too!

However, it’s important to keep in mind that state laws can impact insurance coverage for addiction treatment. Intake coordinators at Spark to Recovery can reach out to your insurance company on your behalf, confirm your benefits, and give you the peace of mind you need to begin treatment.

Signs and Symptoms of Adderall and Alcohol Addiction

Knowing you need treatment begins with accepting you have a problem. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction to Alcohol, there are several signs to look for:

  • Trying and failing to reduce drug use
  • Strong urges and cravings for Adderall and Alcohol
  • Continued drug use despite interpersonal problems
  • Issues at work or school caused by drugs or alcohol
  • No longer taking part in educational or social pastimes because of drugs
  • Using despite putting yourself or your life in danger

What to Look for in a Los Angeles Adderall and Alcohol Rehab Program

Choosing the right place to receive Adderall and Alcohol addiction treatment can be the difference between a successful recovery or continued addiction problems.  As a rehab center, we include the following:

  • Licensed and certified addiction treatment center: Ensure the drug alcohol rehab you attend is licensed and certified.
  • Experienced addiction treatment providers: Check the credentials of the treatment providers to make sure they’re qualified and experienced.
  • Public and private health insurance: If finance is a concern for you, check that the treatment center you want to attend is in-network with your provider or offers a payment plan to suit you.

Adderall and Alcohol treatment in Los Angeles

As a leading treatment center in Los Angeles, Spark to Recovery has everything you need for a successful recovery from any addiction. Our patient-focused approach delivers a tailored program designed just for you, all provided by a professional, caring team and within a supportive environment carefully designed to give you the very best recovery experience possible.

We’ve helped many drug addicts with Adderall and Alcohol as their vice gain control over their drug use and improve their overall health so they’re in a position to stay sober. Join us so we can work together on a plan of action suitable for your road to recovery.

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