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Addictive disorders that alter the way people think, feel, and behave are taking over the United States by a large number every succeeding day. The cost of lives, money, and emotional turmoil has made drug and alcohol abuse a major concern in the country. Currently, 9.7% of the population are believed to use life-threatening drugs (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [SAM- HSA], 2013). Alcohol, sedatives, opioids such as heroin, cannabis, and hallucinogens continue to negatively impact many lives.

Spark To Recovery recognizes family therapy is an essential element to successful rehabilitation. We provide emotional support to enable a neutral platform where the client and fellow family members can discuss unresolved issues and re-establish healthy relationships.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a type of counseling where all family members (or those willing to participate) are brought face-to-face with each other to improve communication and resolve conflicts. This type of therapy will stimulate the client’s family to talk openly with each other, to deepen family connections, and to fight the consequences of addiction as a team.

What Addictions can Family Therapy Treat?

Why is Family Therapy Important?

Family Therapy has been a key aspect of alcohol and drug addiction recovery for decades, and it has proven to be very effective. Some patients may be apprehensive to the idea of attending Family Therapy sessions because other members are complete strangers. There is a misconception that no one understands what they are going through, especially the mental turmoil they are currently experiencing. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. People naturally warm up to each other after multiple sessions. After seeing one’s peers as friends, the camaraderie and support among Family Therapy members can make a huge difference in each patient’s recovery.

When a person opens up about a challenge that he or she is dealing with, chances are you might have an identical problem. Family Therapy in Los Angeles allows participants to gain a new perspective on their condition. In addition, they may learn new techniques to break their addiction, maintain their progress over time, and avoid a relapse during recovery.

How to Decide if Family Therapy is Right for You?

Family therapy will be useful to every family situation. It is suitable for those whose families have a hard time functioning in a normal capacity. Or those who tend to withdraw from their family when faced with issues relating to their addiction, and those who perceive a rift between themselves and their kinship. This kind of therapy is also appropriate for individuals who wish to seek help in better understanding the struggles that their affected family members encounter.

Begin Treatment with Spark To Recovery's Family Therapy Services

With Spark To Recovery’s family therapy services, individuals may never feel desolate in their endeavors against drugs and alcohol. Our addiction treatment programs value commitment towards those who embark on their journey to sobriety. As a licensed rehabilitation and addition facility, we provide care for every client and their loved ones with the utmost consideration and responsibility.

For more information about family therapy services, feel free to contact Spark To Recovery today. You can call (888) 915-1103 to schedule a consultation with us.

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