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If you are struggling with alcoholism or any other kind of substance abuse, you might benefit greatly from Spark To Recovery’s individual therapy sessions. There are serious problems that are associated with substance abuse. These include DUI charges, risk of life through accidents, and much more. Alcoholism and substance abuse also pose significant health risks to people who take these drugs. Alcohol is thought to contribute to various cancers and can also significantly damage one’s liver.

At Spark To Recovery, we use various approaches including individual therapy to help you or a loved one overcome substance abuse.

What is Individual Therapy?

When you come to Spark To Recovery, our specialists may opt to use individual therapy sessions as a standalone or part of different approaches to help you overcome substance abuse. Individual therapy refers to private sessions that are conducted on a one-to-one basis. Clients can work with their counselors to figure out triggers and develop healthy coping mechanisms. The sessions also provide a safe space where people struggling with substance abuse can admit that they have a problem that needs to be dealt with.

What Addictions can Individual Therapy Treat?

The Importance of Individual Therapy

Individual therapy offers a safe space where a person struggling with addiction and his or her counselor can get to the root of the problem. While group therapy is a widely used approach when it comes to addiction treatment, it might be easier to start a patient with individual therapy, especially if they haven’t come to terms with their addiction issue. Individual therapy also helps focus the entire therapy session on the victim, ensuring that any underlying issues are dealt with.

Typically, counselors will use various tools here, including psychotherapy where the therapist works with the patient to identify emotional issues that may lie at the root of the addiction. Motivational interviewing is also a common technique here, whose objective is to motivate the patient to fight back the addiction.

When Should You Seek Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy is suitable for patients who have serious or recurring addiction problems. Regular relapse might be an indication that the patient has deep-rooted issues that need to be sorted out. If a patient is in denial about his or her addiction issue, individual therapy may offer a safe space for the patient to come to terms with the issue that they have. Individual therapy is also effective at the beginning of the therapy process, as it helps ease the patient into the treatment procedure in a safe environment.

Begin Treatment with Spark To Recovery’s Individual Therapy Services

At Spark To Recovery, we are focused on giving you the best treatment possible. Our experts treat each of our patients with respect and understanding. This also means that everything you share with us is treated with the uttermost confidentiality. We use the latest scientific and evidence-led approaches to ensure that you overcome substance abuse problems and that you can stay sober going forward.

For more information about seeking individual therapy near your location, feel free to contact Spark To Recovery today. You can call (888) 915-1103 to schedule a consultation with us.

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