Moral Reconation Therapy

With many Americans struggling with alcoholism and other substance abuse problems, there is a need for addiction treatment centers such as Spark To Recovery.  One of the approaches that we use is known as moral reconation therapy. Here, our experts work to improve the patient’s moral reasoning, moral conduct as well as ethical decision making. This serves as a way of minimizing the risk of future relapse.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, give Spark To Recovery a call today. We treat all our patients with understanding and you can count on our effective treatment methods.

What is Moral Reconation Therapy?

Life skills therapy helps people learn how to live independently and enjoy their lives. This can include budget balancing, exercising, maintaining a balanced diet, cleaning, interpersonal communication and more. Of course, if a person is already familiar with how to cook and clean, they will not need to be taught these skills. However, it is possible that over the course of addiction, a person has lost the desire to engage in these tasks and, as a result, critical knowledge they have to perform it. Life skills therapy considers the needs of each individual to cater a program that will help them gain the abilities they have to function in the outside world.

What Addictions can Moral Reconation Therapy Treat?

The Importance of Moral Reconation Therapy

Moral reconation is one of the most effective methods of giving patients long-term resilience and minimizing relapse. Substance abuse is driven by, among other things, a self-destructive viewpoint of the world where the patients often make the wrong decisions. Using moral reconation therapy, patients can see this aspect of themselves and are given the tools to make the right decisions. For example, the right decisions might include choosing to do what is right for one’s family or dropping friendships that may lead to relapse.

When Should You Seek Moral Reconation Therapy?

Moral reconation is useful for patients who are at risk of relapse. Although the approach works for most people with substance abuse problems, recurring addiction problems can be effectively dealt with by changing the moral compass through which the victim bases his or her decisions.

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