Ketamine Addiction
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Ketamine is a medication that doctors use as an anesthetic to induce loss of consciousness. Effects include sedation and reduced sensation of pain.

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic. Doctors use it to induce general anesthesia for medical procedures that do not require muscle relaxation. General anesthesia denotes a sleep-like state, while dissociative refers to the effect of feeling disconnected.
Ketamine can produce hallucinations similarly to other drugs such as LSD and PCP, or angel dust.
Hallucinations are distorted perceptions of sounds and sights.

Some people use ketamine for its hallucinogenic properties. Ketamine can sedate, incapacitate, and cause short-term memory loss, and because of this, some people use it as a date-rape drug.

Dangers Associated
with Ketamine Abuse

While the therapeutic use of ketamine is relatively safe when used under medical supervision, abuse of the drug can have dangerous and potentially life-threatening consequences.

It is important to note that the dangers of ketamine abuse vary depending on the amount and frequency of use, as well as an individual's overall health and susceptibility to drug-related problems.

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Signs and Symptoms Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine is not considered as addictive as some other drugs, but it is possible to develop a dependence on it, both physically and psychologically. Ketamine has a lower potential for addiction compared to other drugs, but it can still be habit-forming and lead to addiction.

Ketamine addiction can have a range of negative effects on a person's physical and mental health, as well as their relationships and overall quality of life.

Long-term ketamine use can cause damage to the bladder and urinary tract, leading to frequent urination, pain during urination, and incontinence. It can also cause memory and cognitive problems, mood disturbances, and psychosis.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these signs or symptoms of ketamine addiction, it is important to seek professional help from a healthcare provider or addiction specialist such as Spark to Recovery, where the best treatment is provided. Early intervention and treatment can increase the chances of a successful recovery.

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Ketamine Addiction Treatment Options

Treatment for ketamine addiction typically involves a combination of behavioral therapies, medication-assisted treatment, support groups, and more.

Our experts provide personalized information and support for unique treatment journeys. Every individual's struggle is recognized, ensuring specialized care and guidance.

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