Addiction is a condition that requires treatment. When you decide to reach out for help, the first step is to contact a treatment center and an admission's counselor.

Insurance Verification

Don’t wait, take the first step today. If you are unsure how addiction treatment admissions work, you are in the right place. There are several steps to expect during admission into a drug or alcohol treatment facility, and here’s what you need to know.

Today, one can pay for their addiction treatment via insurance. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, health insurance agencies can now provide partial or full coverage for addiction and mental health treatment. At Spark To Recovery, we believe treatment should be available to anyone in need of care. That’s why our insurance verification team can work with your insurer to determine the best viable option for you. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Spark To Recovery accepts most major health plans for alcohol or drug rehab treatment in Los Angeles. You can verify your insurance coverage benefits through our website or call one of our representatives for help.

What To Expect

Dealing with substance abuse or mental health issues can feel overwhelming. That’s why Spark To Recovery’s admissions procedure is easy to understand and straightforward. This way, our clients feel at ease with the process, so they can better prepare themselves, mentally and physically, for treatment. Before starting any treatment, our admissions counselor will answer all of your questions before arrival. It is important to know what to expect in recovery.

Next, our counselor will ask questions about your current physical and mental health, alcohol and drug use, and if you have any comorbid or underlying medical conditions. Understanding the frequency and amount of our clients’ drug and alcohol use allows our treatment center to develop effective recovery plans for them. In addition, we can determine how severe a client’s withdrawal symptoms can become and employ safety measures. During the admissions process, expect intake counselors to explain treatment costs and other care options to you.

What To Bring

Addiction treatment facilities typically have strict policies about what patients can bring with them to treatment.

Most rehab centers provide a checklist stating recommended items to pack and prohibited items to omit. When a patient checks in and begins the admissions process, the treatment center may conduct a bag inspection and catalog what the person brings. This practice ensures patients do not leave any belongings behind when they leave.

Some items you may need to include prescription medication, debit/credit card to pay for treatment medications, and other items considered a necessity. Each rehab center has their own dress code, so patients should avoid over-packing.

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