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Is drinking starting to be an issue for you or your loved ones?

In America, alcohol is known to be one of the most addictive substances. Excessive drinking can result in a number of serious health problems and chronic diseases. It also affects the behavior of an individual, which might lead to accidents or violence. Unfortunately, people who have a tendency to abuse alcohol have a higher risk of abusing other substances like prescription drugs. At Spark To Recovery, our alcohol and drug addiction treatment center provides an array of alternative therapies, including art therapy, to help clients break free from their addictions and live a healthier life.

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy uses the creative process and artwork to help people develop a higher self-awareness, gain a better understanding of their emotions, and address any emotional conflicts that are unresolved. It is known to be a form of expressive therapy that makes use of the creative process of creating art to enhance the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of a person.

What Addictions can Art Therapy Treat?

The Importance of Art Therapy

One differentiating factor of art therapy is how it utilizes the creative process of art and has a relatively low barrier to entry.

Art therapy is particularly effective and beneficial to children as younger individuals tend to be less comfortable and less capable of expressing their thoughts or emotions through words.

Although children benefit from art therapy significantly, adults can benefit from them too.

By expressing yourself through art pieces, the therapist can help you to see things about yourself that you might not have been able to understand on your own. Art therapists can help you to process feelings and emotions that you have been struggling with, allowing you to begin your healing process. Since all art therapists are trained in the arts and therapy, they are more than capable to guide you through the entire process of creative expression and offer insights into your creations that you might not have realized.

When Should You Seek Art Therapy?

The therapeutic process in art therapy does not revolve around the artistic value of the artwork, but about finding connections between your inner thoughts and your creative choices. Hence, you do not need to have any artistic talent for art therapy to be effective. Art therapy is suitable for individuals who are hoping to manage addictions through some form of visual arts.

Begin Treatment with Spark To Recovery’s Art Therapy Services

With Spark To Recovery’s help, clients will never need to face their alcohol or drug addiction on their own. Our addiction rehab center is committed to providing a comfortable and safe setting for people to begin their journey to sobriety. Rest assured that all our clients and their loved ones are treated with integrity and respect.

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