Caring Staff

Spark To Recovery’s team is comprised of addiction specialists, medical professionals, facilities workers, an administrative staff, and more.

Together, our staff members work toward a common goal:

helping patients create a better and addiction-free future for themselves and their loved ones.

Meet the Team

Allen Vardanyan


Allen Vardanyan is the CEO and founder of Spark to Recovery. He emigrated from Armenia in 2002 and has an engineering background which led him to become successful in many areas.

An entrepreneur since 2005, Allen has been successful in owning and running various businesses. Some of these businesses include a real estate brokerage, a petrol station, and a trucking company. Allen also devotes his time to being a loving husband and father, and still finds time to listen to every client and assist with treatment planning.

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Allen entered the addiction treatment industry in 2016 via the acquisition of an upscale Sober Living Facility, which provided a sober housing environment for recovering addicts attending outpatient treatment. After becoming an industry insider, he studied the most effective means to help addicts. This experience helped him in deciding to open inpatient residential facilities.

Seeing the potential for assisting people, Allen liquidated his sober living investment and founded a residential treatment facility in 2017. He then co-founded another facility and later Spark to Recovery in 2020.

Today, Allen is the CEO of Spark to Recovery and manages the administrative and operational functions of the business. He excels at financial analysis, as well as marketing strategies, and works with the clinical staff. In addition to dealing with business challenges, he finds satisfaction in knowing that he is contributing to helping others with this insidious disease.

Allen considers addiction to be a serious disease. He knows the effects of it first-hand due to witnessing the struggle with close friends and family.  For Allen, this is not just a job, he finds it an honor and privilege to be involved in helping those in need. His mission is to rebuild a healthier and safer society by helping as many addicts as possible.

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Eldar Karmiev

Fitness Coach

"Fear and growth cannot occupy the same space, eventually one pushes the other out."

Eldar was born in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and a decade later, migrated with his family to Philadelphia, PA. He grew up a dedicated athlete and excelled in many sports. Years later, after suffering a period of his own mental health problems and substance abuse, decided to take responsibility for his health and moved to Los Angeles to seek help from professionals. This is where he found mixed martial arts and its ability to restore balance to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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Today, Eldar is part of the Fighting Chance Foundation and is still a student in the practice. He hopes to help people become “fighters in life” and show them that if you can push through challenges and overcome obstacles here, there is no reason they cannot do it in their lives and in their recovery too.

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Richard Koo

Art Therapist

Richard Koo is an LA-based artist with a passion for going against the norm. Richard began cultivating his creative abilities early in life and was formally trained at CSUN. While expanding his perspective in art and life, Richard wandered down some dark paths and found himself addicted to mind-altering substances. It fueled his creativity and gave him a break from his perfectionist approach to his art.
Through his struggle and subsequent recovery, he forged a passionate desire to help others struggling with similar vices. He began to create ideas, that repurpose art against substance abuse & mental illness. Today, his unique approach is helping clients find peace and follow their creative dreams.

Sofya Muradyan

Operations Manager

Sofya is the Operations Director at Spark to Recovery.  She has a passion for helping people, who struggle with addiction and seeing them succeed in the future. She has been working at Spark to Recovery for the past 3 years. Furthermore, she is known for her patience and warm smile when assisting with admin tasks and has an extensive background in administration.

Rosa Rios AMFT

Therapist and Clinician

Rosa started her career in substance abuse, working with post-release incarcerated youth.
She began working with adults suffering from substance abuse and mental health over ten years ago. Rosa has experience working with various populations, subject to incarceration, the criminal justice system, and the homeless population.

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After graduating in 2021 with her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, she began working more closely with addicts and families. She aims to help individuals and families better understand the disease of addiction. Through her personal and professional experiences, she helps addicts find a new way to live without the use of drugs and alcohol. She is extremely passionate about helping others and grateful for the opportunity to help people find the resources and motivation to make significant changes in their lives.

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