Caring Staff

Spark To Recovery’s team is comprised of addiction specialists, medical professionals, facilities workers, an administrative staff, and more. Together, our staff members work toward a common goal: helping patients create a better and addiction-free future for themselves and their loved ones.

About Spark To Recovery

At Spark To Recovery, our addiction specialists, counselors, dieticians, therapists, and case managers work together to provide compassionate care for all patients. We have carefully selected each member of our highly trained staff so that we can deliver safe and effective patient-centered care to meet each client’s needs. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that treatment services at Spark To Recovery are led and supported by experienced addiction specialists, board-certified physicians, licensed counselors, and more.

Caring and Friendly Addiction Counselors

We understand that it can be difficult for some patients to take the first step toward recovery. This process typically requires a great deal of trust between patients and their counselors. Therefore, our caring addiction treatment staff takes care to establish strong bonds with patients. Also known as a therapeutic alliance, it helps patients understand that it is fine for them to feel vulnerable and to view addiction counselors as trustworthy. In addition, this special bond allows patients and their counselors to work together effectively during the tribulation.

At Spark To Recovery, we believe that patients should feel comfortable enough to speak freely during therapy sessions. When patients feel a sense of relief after each appointment, these positive feelings help them to stay focused during recovery. When you work with our caring staff, your well-being is at the forefront of the treatment process. Our addiction counselors are attentive and open to discuss any potential hardships that you may be facing and offer solutions. At the end of the day, Spark To Recovery strives to provide solid support systems for individuals who are recovering from alcohol and/or drug issues.

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Upon submitting our insurance verification form, one of our admissions specialists will be in touch to guide your through the whole process.

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Dedicated to Helping Patients Create a Better Future

During active substance abuse, it is challenging for most individuals to maintain a clear mind. They may be overwhelmed by the darkness and misery of addiction. All hope is not lost. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that it is possible for people to turn their lives around and loosen the grip that addiction has on them. To make the recovery process easy to navigate for our patients, our staff develops treatment plans that address three key areas: abstinence, productivity, and sobriety. We will help you or your loved ones achieve these milestones so that everyone can create the lives they want.

Of course, each patient’s journey into lifelong recovery is unique. That’s why your treatment at Spark To Recovery is highly individualized. Our caring addiction treatment staff members can mentor you through struggles, recognize and cheer on your successes, and answer your questions with honesty.

If you have any questions about our staff at Spark To Recovery, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with us today. We can arrange a tour so that you can familiarize yourself with our team members.

Financial Options

Discuss with the admissions staff regarding the available financial options. Learn more about the center’s insurance policies and run a check with your own insurer to determine if you have enough coverage. Other questions that you can ask include:

  • What will your deductible be?
  • What are the general costs of rehab?
  • What if you cannot afford rehab?
  • Are scholarships available?
  • Will my credit score be impacted?
  • What is the recommended level of care needed during recovery?

Professional addiction treatment centers work closely with patients before admission to ensure that they have fully understood their situation. If you need any help with seeking addiction treatment for a loved one, feel free to contact Spark To Recovery today.