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Aetna CVS for Addiction Treatment

Discover here Aetna's coverage at Spark to Recovery and start your rehabilitation journey today.

At Spark to Recovery, we understand that your rehabilitation journey is a deeply personal and transformative experience. In partnership with Aetna, we provide you with the ultimate insurance option for your addiction treatment in Los Angeles.

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Your Path to Recovery

Benefits of Aetna CVS Health In-Network Rehab Coverage

Cost-Efficient Rehabilitation

Low expenses compared to out-of-network alternatives.

Top-tier care

Access to a network of skilled rehabilitation professionals.


Avoid claims or lengthy reimbursement processes.


Access rehabilitation services with coverage from Aetna Insurance.

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Navigating Your Recovery Journey

  • Enroll: Sign up for Aetna CVS Health in-network insurance to embark on your rehabilitation journey.
  • Receive Dedicated Care: Book your rehab sessions, undergo treatment, and focus on healing while we handle the financial aspects.

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