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At Spark To Recovery, we provide professional care for our clients, addressing the mind, body, and spirit. We are a premium drug rehab in Los Angeles offering privacy, peace, and comfort.

For those seeking help for themself or help for a loved one, our facilities provide tailor-made healing suited to their specific needs. Consult our team of experts who understand addiction, understand recovery, understand the struggle, and understand you.

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Addiction Treatment

See What Our Recovered Patients Have To Say

This place is amazing! The staff was amazing in every way possible. I had a very hard detox, 18 days to be honest.  I was told I probably didn’t have another detox left in me from alcohol.  Here I learned to forgive and love myself, cry when I needed and was allowed to share and hear positive feedback. The house is amazing and relaxing.

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Shan Thompson

Los Angeles


See What Our Recovered Patients Have To Say

I was made to feel very comfortable they helped me with my alcohol and drug addiction.The staff here are very friendly and I got what I needed from this program in order to carry on with my sobriety


Los Angeles


See What Our Recovered Patients Have To Say

Spent 30 days here, really enjoyed my time. House is really nice and comfortable. Staff is very helpful, accommodating and friendly. They bring us to a lot of AA and NA meetings which is great. This is not a 12 step program but if you are interested they will help you with the steps a lot.

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Los Angeles

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Steps to take in becoming a patient at Spark to Recovery

Initial Interview and Assessment

Upon arriving at the rehab center, there will be staff members to greet you and brief you about the initial interview process, which lets them understand your background. This is an essential process before checking in, as it allows the center to assess and customize specific rehab programs that meet your individual needs.

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Insurance Verification

Sparks To Recovery accepts most private insurance. We confidentially check your insurance provider for the benefits of addiction treatment services. This proves to be a great help for people who want to recover in a facility that provides luxury, comfort, and exclusivity such as ours.

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We Create a Unique Treatment Plan Just for You

If you're interested in receiving addiction treatment, Spark To Recovery offers you a residential treatment program in Los Angeles to fit your life and specific needs for drug rehab in Los Angeles.

You and your treatment provider design your addiction treatment plan during our initial intake assessment. Here, you'll discuss your specific needs to create an individualized treatment plan suited to your addiction and who you are as a person. Our luxury rehab centers in Los Angeles provide a range of exclusive and unique treatment options.

Every addiction treatment program we offer is distinct and tailored exclusively to your needs. Our premium care experience equips you with essential tools and life skills, empowering you to live a joyful, satisfying life, liberated from the suffocating clutches of addiction.

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Our programs for
drug rehab in Los Angeles

Yoga Therapy

If you want the best chance of achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety, then, statistically speaking, long-term inpatient treatment is your best bet. If you’re seeking a premier drug rehab center in Los Angeles, Spark To Recovery, offers an effective residential treatment program to fit your life and specific needs.

Whether you participate in the residential program, choices like our Wellness Programs for addiction or work to find your zen in our Meditation Programs or evolve in our Life Skills Therapy. Spark to Recovery has the addiction treatment plan for you!

You and your treatment provider design your addiction treatment plan during your initial intake assessment. Here, you’ll discuss your specific needs to create an individualized treatment plan. Our addiction treatment centers in California provide a range of clinically proven treatment and therapy options, including:

Among many more - See the therapies

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