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At Spark To Recovery, we provide professional care for our clients addressing the mind, body, and spirit. We are a premium rehabilitation center located in San Fernando, California offering privacy, peace, and comfort. For those seeking help or help for a loved one, our facilities provide tailor-made healing suited to their specific needs. Consult with our team of experts who understand addiction, understand recovery, understand the struggle, and understand you.

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At Spark To Recovery, we treat our patients and address the needs of their body, mind, soul, and spirit through a blend of proven practices and therapies. For those seeking an addiction recovery facility that centers its programs toward reviving mental and physical health, consult with our friendly team of addiction counselors and admissions specialists.

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The Road To Recovery

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Spark Recovery is an amazing facility that completely met my needs. They had a great continuum of care and excellent staff that were both kind and knowledgeable. During my time there, I learned about relapse prevention and how to maintain healthy relationships. If I work a daily program, I think I have a high likelihood of maintaining my sobriety after treatment. Thanks to Spark Recovery, I now have a whole new outlook on the future.


The staff at Spark Recovery are great and the facility met all of my needs. Overall, I had an excellent stay here. I learned so many new skills to help me- including sober support, how to maintain my calm, techniques to stay sober, and much more. I think there is a good chance that I can maintain my sobriety after treatment, and I am thankful that Spark Recovery has helped me drastically reduce my anxiety and has helped me gain knowledge about the process of a healthy recovery.


What can I say, Spark Recovery changed my life. They took me in when I had nowhere else to go and completely changed my life, they even scholar shipped me the rest of my stay when my insurance cut out. Thank you Spark, you have no idea how much you changed my life.


My family had done an intervention on me and gave me an ultimatum, to go get help or to be on the streets. I chose to get help not thinking anything would change and just to get my family off my back. And boy I couldn’t have been more wrong, I have a life worth living today thanks to Spark Recovery. I will never go back!


I came to Spark after having my first child and realizing I needed to get help to be a mother. There was no judgment at all and nothing but love and support from everyone who worked there. Allen and Mike are amazing people and want nothing but to help others. Thank you, Spark!


I went to Spark after my mother and father died in a drunk driving accident, I wanted to get help with my alcoholism so I wouldn’t end up like they did. From the second I walked through the doors at Spark I knew I was home. They gave me the love and compassion I was searching for my entire life. Today I help others who were going through a similar experience. Thank you, Spark!


Spark Recovery saved my life, I was at my wits end struggling with a mixture of addictions. I checked into Spark and they helped me every step of the way to get back on me feet. They even transferred me to an aftercare program that worked with my family and their budget. Thanks, Spark!


Spark is well thought out and uniquely designed safe haven to help people find themselves when they have become lost. They have staff with first hand knowledge of the disease of addiction, therefore they are able to combat this disease from angles that other recovery centers are not equipped to.


I went to Spark as a broken soul with nothing to look forward to but death. They brought me in, detoxed me and gave me the tools I needed to be successful in my life today! Now I am gainfully employed and have my own apartment.

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What to Expect with Spark to Recovery

Interview and Assessment

Upon arriving at the rehab center, there will be staff members to greet you and brief you about the initial interview process that lets them understand your background. This is an essential process done before checking in as it allows the center to assess and customize specific rehab programs that can meet your individual needs.

What is it like to be at Spark to Recovery?

If you’re seeking addiction treatment in Los Angeles, Spark To Recovery offers a residential inpatient program to fit your life and specific needs. Whether you participate in the residential program choices like our Wellness Programs or work to find your zen in our Meditation Programs or evolve in our Life Skills Therapy — Spark to Recovery has the addiction treatment plan for you!

Your addiction treatment plan is designed by you and your treatment provider during your initial intake assessment. Here you’ll discuss your specific needs to create an individualized treatment plan. Our drug rehab centers provide a range of affordable treatment options, including:

Each treatment program is unique to the individual in recovery. Life in luxury rehabs like Spark To Recovery can provide you the structure and life skills to get you back on the road to your recovery journey.

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