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Often, addiction and substance abuse disorder don’t impact just the abuser. Instead, it impacts every person that individual comes into contact with and who loves the addicted person. 

When one person in a relationship has a substance abuse disorder, it can be a problem in the relationship. However, when both members of a relationship deal with addiction, it can lead to catastrophic circumstances. 

Unfortunately, when one partner is dealing with an addiction, it’s too familiar for the other member to struggle with substance abuse. What’s more, certain drugs can stay in the system of a person much longer than other drugs, leading to potential interaction issues and possible accidental overdose. 

Did you know that opioid half life, the time that opioids stay in the human body, can last up to 7-days after ingestion, making the risk of accidental overdose increase dramatically for individuals and couples who have substance abuse disorders. 

When both partners are dealing with substance abuse, seeking couples rehab may be an excellent way to achieve sobriety and remain in recovery together.

Can Couples Go To Rehab Together?

If both partners are dealing with substance abuse and are willing to seek treatment, then a healthy option is to consider couples drug rehab in California. Our treatment centers will focus on strengthening the motivation for recovery and accountability for treatment. 

The motivation to seek treatment and the discipline to stay in recovery need the patient to have a person or people to rely on to help maintain sobriety and avoid relapse. As couples, you can explore and foster accountability with each other, strengthening the bonds of your relationship in the process.

How Couples Rehab is Different From Rehab For Singles

When an individual goes into treatment and recovery, they will need to develop healthy relationships with others to help them through the recovery process. Often, the relationships that a patient had before treatment will need to change or be avoided to develop healthier, more supportive relationships. 

For couples that attend recovery together, it can provide an instant accountability group and has many additional benefits outside of rehab. 

Of course, individual recovery may be recommended in situations of domestic abuse, lack of motivation in the relationship, or a partner unwilling to go through treatment and recovery. 

Our Couples Rehab Program in Los Angeles

At Spark to Recovery, our couples rehab in Los Angeles will delve into the root causes of addiction, create individualized rehab programs, as well as aid in improving communication and resolving conflict within the relationship. 

Oftentimes, these are triggering factors with substance abuse disorders and relapse. 

The Benefits of Couples Rehab

While treatments will be specialized for every individual need, couples rehab provides benefits of accountability and discipline that individual therapy may lack. 

Benefits of couples rehab include

  • Better support system and accountability
  • Improved relationship 
  • Similar paths of recovery and homework
  • Healthier coping mechanisms for problems in, about, and outside the relationship
  • Addressing the concept of codependency issues that may contribute to addictions

Couples who attend rehab and therapy together have shown remarkable improvements in communication within the relationship, while also creating a healthier environment to encourage maintaining sobriety.

Who Can Benefit From a Couples Rehab Program?

Couples with substance abuse disorders face unique challenges in their relationships and their lives. Partners that recognize the need and motivation to move into recovery are ideal for programs that focus on couples rehab in Los Angeles. 

Working through individual causes of addiction as well as relationship issues that factor into the addiction are also important facets of couples that would benefit from couples rehab. 

When Attending Couples Rehab Isn’t Helpful

If the relationship is the cause of the addiction, or that a partner is unwilling to seek treatment and enter into recovery, those are factors when couples rehab wouldn’t be effective. In fact, for couples rehab to work, it takes both partners to do the work and make the commitment toward recovery to be successful. 

Is Couples Rehab in Los Angeles Right For You?

If you and your partner are struggling with substance abuse disorders, or have addictions that are central to your relationship. Or if the relationship is something you both wish to salvage, then attending couples rehab in Los Angeles or a local treatment facility near you is recommended.

Why Choose Spark To Recovery

Spark to Recovery provides a holistic approach toward recovery, meaning that for severe substance abuse treatment (MAT) to body, health, and spiritual growth, a comprehensive approach is taken to recovery. 

Our specialists and caring staff will devise the ideal treatment option for you and your partner's individual treatment and collective recovery needs. 

Get Help at Our Couples Rehab in Los Angeles

At our Spark to Recovery treatment center in Los Angeles, we provide top-notch care devised to treat every individual’s addiction as well as to strengthen the core tenants of your relationship.

Couples Rehab in Los Angeles FAQs

How Long Does The Couple’s Rehab Process Take?

The average length of inpatient couple’s rehab in California takes between 1-3 months for addiction treatment, and recovery is a life-long process. 

What if Only One Person in The Relationship Has Addiction?

In a relationship where only one person has a substance abuse disorder, it is recommended for the partner to aid in their loved one’s treatment and recovery by supporting treatment and participating in therapy as needed. 

The key is to be supportive throughout the process. 

Does Health Insurance Cover Couples Rehab?

In most circumstances, couples rehab is not covered by traditional insurance, though in some cases, an Employer Assistance Program may allow for additional coverage situations. 

Can I Share a Bed With My Partner in Couples Rehab?

It is not standard for couples to share a bed while in treatment and rehab, though there are exceptions. Ideally, partners would have two aspects to treatment and recovery. 

Individual treatment, recovery, and therapy

  1. Individual treatment, recovery, and therapy
  2. Couples therapy, recovery, and if needed, treatment options

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